All Mothers Lie

All Mothers Lie

Mother: (enters two-year-old's bedroom) Why, child, you're swimming!

Child: I wet. I drink lots!

(Mother undresses child and piles all sodden clothes onto sodden sheet and sodden mattress pad)

Child: (throughout process) No! Want jams!

Mother: But your jams are wet. Do you want to be cold and wet all morning?

Child: Yes.

(Mother starts dressing child in shorts and shirt)

Daytime Jams!

Child: (crying) No! Jams! Jams!

Mother: (smiles sweetly) Oh, but these are jams. They're daytime jams.

Child: (thinks) Oh. (smiles) Okay!

Sneaky Mommy.

Anger Overtaking America: Dough Rage

Anger Overtaking America: Dough Rage