What Month Comes After August?

That would be September. Which is why I have been sitting at my dining room table, books piled to the cobwebbed hanging lamp, for the past few weeks. Not heady reading (that’s my husband’s department), but picture books, curricula, catalogs, and my trusty IBM Thinkpad.

I’m coming up on my first year homeschooling, and had to hammer out a plan for September for St. Nick. I need to stimulate his interests (boogers, vomit, amputations, monsters) while teaching a few basic things he might need to know later in life (reading, and which insects are poisonous to baby sister and which are not, and why he ought not feed any insects to sister regardless of toxicity).

And since it’s Friday, and for lack of anything intelligent to say, beyond the names of all major Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, I will share my favorite online homeschool resources.

Starfall. A website dedicated to helping children learn to read. It utilizes phonics, stories, games, and all things interactive. And it’s free.

Better Chinese. This is a free demo of their online program (lessons 1-3). If the rest of the program is like this, my whole family will be speaking Mandarin by the end of the year. Fish is already singing songs in Chinese. *sadly, this site is no longer available*

Singapore Math. The math curriculum for Moms who detest all things rote and boring.

Sonlight. A literature-based whole-book curriculum. My fallback option if I can’t figure out how to use the curriculum below. Fantastic packages for individual subjects like math and science.

Tapestry of Grace. A literature-based curriculum that combines historically organized unit studies with classical methodology (i.e., the trivium). And it’s Reformed. Do you know how hard it is to find homeschool curricula that is Reformed?

Last, and I wish least, the website that will give St. Nick the motivation to read:

Captain Underpants. Who knew sounding out the words: Booger, Vomit, Underpants and so on could be so engrossing?