First Weeks of Homeschooling

It's been a tiring week for all of us. Mostly I think we've struggled to forge new habits (still in process). Things like: less TV and computer time for St. Nick, less Mom time for me. And organization. Oh, my. I didn't think I had much planned for each day, yet I still haven't found time to do the phonics lesson for Day 4.

Why does it seem like I've done very little? I have all the check boxes checked off on my schedule, but I can't seem to recall what all we've done. A whirlwind, like those mission trips. The experience is so rich, yet the only memories I have are photographs. Tokyo? I know it's an amazing city, yet I remember only the stairs to the theatre where we saw a Kabuki show.

There have been moments I've wanted to sit down and cry, or sell Little Fish on eBay (jury is still out on that one), and yet I've seen a change in St. Nick already. He'll wrap his arms around me with no prodding, no, "Can Mommy have a hug?" Just out of the blue. And he'll say how much he loves me.

Homeschooling isn't about the curriculum, it isn't about checking off all the boxes. It's about this.

And marshmallows. It's also about marshmallows.