Second Fencing Class

I just can't stand it - he is trying so, so hard but this week his awkwardness and my lack of competence shows. And I can't stand it. I watch him get into the on guard stance with the wrong foot forward, his left hand ready for a foil. But he's RIGHT handed! I wanted to go over that more this past week, but I didn't. I didn't do it and he felt bad. He spent so much time trying to get his feet in the right place and to fence with the foil in the wrong hand - oh, it about killed me to watch it.

Fencing class, take 2

Fencing class, take 2

How can I sit by and watch my child struggle? Or do it wrong? He felt beaten down and I felt descouraged. And the coach told the parents to put their kids in sweats, NOT jeans. Of course, the sweats made it in the wash this morning but not into the dryer. And he needed shoes instead of sandals and ... I'm failing.

We didn't get our reading done today. I'm failing. On all fronts, failing. And all I'm thinking of is me. Didn't I just have a birthday? Isn't it time I grew up?

He didn't have as much fun as he should have, and it's because of the things I forgot or didn't do or just wasn't on top of enough to review. How can I do this to him?