On Workbooks...

A blessing and a bane. I began relying on workbooks for grammar a month or so ago. Found a very nice Scholastic Success with Grammar that gave me confidence that we were actually covering things we should be covering. Only problem is, too many workbooks are boring. And whether St. Nick will do them or not depends entirely upon his mood and my fortitude. Not that I have to sit him down and force him to do a workbook page. He rather likes them, on occasion. But I, dumbly, planned three or four workbook pages (different subjects - math, grammar, spelling, something else) for today and he's not having a workbooky sort of day.

He's standing here pouting about having to trace numbers. But kiddo, your handwriting is atrocious! Okay, so is mine. It may well be inherited. But by golly I'm the teacher-mom and I need to at least try to have him surpass my shortcomings. Right?

How did commenting on workbooks get to this? I have no idea. I just feel the need to write something right now. But, alas, Little Fish is up from his Fire Fighters movie. No more Musings from me.

The short of it: Scholastic "Success for..." workbooks are great. I bought (at Bargain Books) the big bound set for 1st and 2nd grades which are even in color. Cool! Not that I'll use all the sheets, but it's nice to have something fun to toss down on the table that I know will advance learning at the same time. If anything, it's useful to me as a reminder of what I should be teaching. "Oh, yes. Nouns are Naming Words!" It's been a while since I was in 1st grade.