Week 11 - off the charts

Har har - off my planning charts, that is. I promised myself I'd do better keeping track of things, since this is supposed to be a place where I keep records of homeschooling, so here goes.

Language arts:

We covered Syllables (Reading Reflex p. 311), which we talk about being "word chunks"; we made it through lesson XXII (22) in McGuffey's First Reader; St. Nick picked a couple of level 3 I Want to Read readers to read; and we did a spelling puzzle.

How'd it go? Well, word chunks made sense to St. Nick and the reading was easy (he also got an Arthur reader and one on dolphins from Grandma for Easter, which he read aloud on our drive yesterday). The spelling puzzle, however. I'd decided to let him try it on his own, without hovering/helping. He didn't read the instructions and only did about half of it, but once we DID read the instructions, he went back and fixed it up without issue. Except, of course, that his handwriting is eh, not so hot. But this is Kindergarten! C'mon!


We did Singapore whatever it is we're on (first grade, first book - 1A?), the intensive practice for Topic 4. We were supposed to move on to Topic 5, but, well, we didn't. Too bad!

Topic 4 was meshing addition and subtraction, which was driving both of us a little batty. But what's funny is, suddenly yesterday (in the van, when he wasn't reading about Dolphins or Arthur) St. Nick started making up math problems and solving them. "Mommy, I know what ten plus ten is! It's twenty! I know what ten minus ten is, it's zero!" Dr. D (aka Daddy) was extremely impressed (so was I)!


As usual, life and illness and all that sort of pushed this to the edge. We read about Rahab and the spies, and about the wall of Jericho. I'd intended to do more with this, like find some books at the library but, well, life happens.

And what of Little Fish and Mud Pie? Well, Fish lost his voice due to this nasty nasty cold (which has ensured no more than four hours sleep for Mom and Dad for the past week) - but this is really wonderful! It's been so peaceful. I mean, he can still talk, but that ear-shattering scream of his, it's sort of a hiss. And it's funny (in a mean sort of way) to hear the hiss-scream and watch how mad he gets that he can't cause his usual amount of disruption. Considering the number of times he's gotten us up - for potty and medicine and to inform us his nose is stuffy and on and on - his lack of voice may well be the only reason he made it through the week. Oh, I was also surprised to find that he knew his colors. How'd that happen? We were sorting math blocks and on a whim I asked him what color one was (a green one, which is his favorite) and he got that right, along with the rest of them. I know St. Nick did not know his colors at 3.5 - he didn't "get" color yet at that age.

Oh! And Mud Pie took a step. One itsy-bitsy step and quickly clung to Mommy, but she was SO proud of herself! I have long since given up worrying about her walking even though she is now officially even later than Little Fish - she'll do it in her own time.

The thing I feel very badly about, however, is Easter. Not only did we not go to church ("Hi! We're visiting today! Oh, no, he's not sick, his voice always sounds like a hair dryer, and she's not sick either - it's allergies, you know. All that snot, and the fever! Just allergies!") but we were so overwhelmed and overtired from Saturday night that we didn't so much as mention what I consider to be the most important holiday of the ecclesiastical year. St. Nick saw Passover on the calendar on Friday and almost pitched a fit because he had so wanted to do Passover, and Easter. Well, I felt like the worst mother of all when, late Sunday evening, I finally said to Dr. D, "Happy Easter," and St. Nick said, "What? TODAY is Easter?!?!"

Um. *Cringe.* Yeah. Sorry.