Secret Sister

Taking a moment from three sick kids (one is still sleeping - miracle or what? Or, my more paranoid mind wonders, maybe he's not sleeping, maybe he's tying all his blankets together to escape out his window). Anyway, I had a flicker of a deep thought regarding the Secret Sister event going on through the Tapestry of Grace email list, but one of the kids (not sleeping) came up and asked me something and the other non-sleeper asked me something else, and, well, that happens. Bye-bye Thought! Was nice knowing you!

Now the sleeper is awake (he really WAS sleeping) and I hear water running in the bathroom. Really running. Considering he's three, this isn't so good. Better check it out!

9:36am - Little Fish was the one in the bathroom, armed with a toothbrush and a plastic cup. "But Mommy, I wanted to make a waterfall!"

Back to Secret Sister: This will be my first time doing something like this (we get assigned a "Sister" and pray for her for a time and get her a special Christmas ornament) and I'm very excited. But also a little nervous. Most of my prayer life revolves around, "God, help me mop up this water without YELLING AT ANYONE." Or, more typically, those groanings I'm expecting the Spirit to interpret. Am I really going to be able to fulfill this end of the contract? To pray for my Secret Sister? Regularly? And not count that "Arrrrrgh, Lord, you know I've been wanting to pray for her..." as good enough?

I better. I promised to. But, to my Secret Sister, apologies in advance. You got stuck with the weakest of all SSs, and I'm sorry. I'll do my best. But I will get you a cool ornament.