Something Surprising ...

On the few days I've deemed as No Screen Days, the hours of Mud Pie's nap seem endless. "I'm bored! SO Bored!"

The computer has been broken for going on three weeks. They've all been "no screen days." But yesterday afternoon I sat down to have a cup of tea. No one was talking to me, no chorus of "I'm soooo bored!" but it was far from quiet.

I heard little voices - one at my feet. "Jabber jabber jabber." I don't know what Fish was saying, but it wasn't really him talking anyway. His Little People farmer was loading matchbox cars into the bed of a wagon. "Come on, everybody in, jabber jabber."

Another voice came from the dining room - a high-pitched shriek of "Noooooo!" But it was a quiet shriek. I went in to see St. Nick bent over a Lego contraption that looked startlingly like a medieval torture device. His little Lego man whisper-screamed again, "Don't eat me! Don't eat me! Arghhhhhh!!!!!"

I returned to my tea. I do remember these sounds, voices of play, but I'd forgotten them. I'm so glad they're back. And even if it took a thousand lost dollars for me to appreciate what I now have, I consider it money well spent.