Always a Crisis

I am hard pressed to think of a single time Dr. D has gone out of town in which there hasn't been some crisis, either right before he leaves, or while he's gone. Last week he was gone for two days and I had to get in to the doctor for a sinus infection. He's in Chicago today, so something had to happen.

Last night St. Nick lost his balance while spinning on the wood floors and slammed his nose into the floor. I'm sure if he had his two front teeth, they would have been knocked out (or at least loosened, or at the very least, put a slice in his upper lip), as it was, the poor kid got a bloody nose. He is such a gusher. One bonk on the nose and he's going through half a box of tissues. And later in the evening he walked into a wall and even later, very nearly tripped over his sister.

That's a pretty tame Daddy-out-of-town crisis. We've had a whole assortment of other things - bad news in the mail, even a broken collarbone (Little Fish now knows not to jump off chairs backwards with his eyes closed).

I'm glad we made it this morning to St. Nick's outdoor adventure class, which is 40 minutes north, without incident. It's the coolest place - a campground where the kids spend most of the day outside learning about wildlife, ecology, geology, and all sorts of other things. Dr. D usually drives St. Nick, then works for the day at a McDonald's a few minutes from the camp. Today (because of Chicago) it was my chance to take him (and Fish and Mud Pie). Fish was enthralled by the scary taxidermied animals at the camp; Pie less so. But I can see now why St. Nick absolutely loves going to this class every week.

Surprisingly, it was warmer this morning than we'd expected. A pleasant blessing. The rain that's been pouring ever since I got dropped him off, however, is not so pleasant. But maybe it's not raining up there!

Update: I found out later that it did, indeed, rain, and that they all built shelters outdoors in the rain! So incredibly fun. St. Nick was beside himself with glee over how filthy and wet he was. And now Dr. D is home safe and sound and we can enjoy crisis-free living! Let's hope, right?