Back at it ... almost

Well, today was supposed to be St. Nick's next outdoor adventure class. But, after two nights of waking in tears because of an earache, and one late evening at the med center, and a forecast of cold and wet, he's staying home. I think he was ready for a week off (they've had the first Monday of every month off, except December). He gave it one or two perfunctory "But I don't want to miss my class!" statements, and then resolved himself with a, "I'd rather stay home and hug Mommy all day." Problem being, I was planning on using my time today to plan out the week!

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Ok, admittedly, planning out is nothing more than going into Homeschool Tracker, rescheduling a book we didn't get to last week, and dropping the rest of our assignments into the Assignment Grid. All of five minutes? So why am I over here writing about it rather than over in HS Tracker? (Especially since I have it open in another window.) I don't know.

Ok, I do know. I'm drooling over web page templates and fiddling with PayPal settings. Why? Hmmmmmmmmm. Plead the 5th.

And now the kids are up from the basement (Curious George done - every few weeks they go obsessive over a different PBS show), so the presence of mind required for this and/or rescheduling in HST is gone! How convenient for me!