It's Official!

I am a dork.

Yay! Mom's a dork!

Yay! Mom's a dork!

So, I visited the doctor this afternoon for the hideous non-cold, and he asks me about my symptoms. I start rattling them off, "Bla bla bla, and the stuff in my nose! Noah could have used it to water-seal the ark!"

I went in for antibiotics, not to convince this doctor that I'm a complete moron. *whine* I'm not good at small talk! And I was hacking into a tissue between every lame joke sentence.

The doctor seemed a little scared of me! This red-nosed, red-haired lunatic is cracking snot jokes in his exam room?

Anyway, I have my antibiotics, and at least I said Noah and not Moses (at least I'm pretty sure I said Noah ...).