Leaves of Thanks

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving!

This year throughout the month of November we added Thanksgiving Leaves to a large vase on the dining room table. Today's task? String them all together into a garland of thanks.

Here's what everyone is thankful for, grouped by individual:

St. Nick

-Mom and Dad
-fun and books
-leaves to jump in
-chemistry and good stuff
-tacos and my mom that makes them

Little Fish

-lava inside a volcano
-giant bats
-his house and cheese
-bacon and ghosts
-juice at church

Mud Pie

-"I'm fankful!"
-our house
-"Pwetty Dwess!"

Dr. D

-God's provision
-good food
-warm food
-my wife
-that we can rake leaves together
-home, wife, and family


-Christmas and Advent and Jesus' birthday
-my husband and the many ways he blesses and leads
-beautiful music
-my wonderful children
-that my family is together and safe and happy
-pizza and baked goods and taste buds


-church to learn about God
-Mud Pie
-delicious French Toast
-the color brown
-Little Fish
-St. Nick
-slippers (again. I guess we really like slippers)

All of these make me smile. And despite a few outbursts of, "NO! That's TOO MUCH GLUE!" I know the kids had a lot of fun and are all proud of their beautiful garland. Me, too!

Time to toss the table cloth in the wash (before the glue dries!).