Three-ish Long Weeks

Three-ish Long Weeks

So, weeks ago, on our visit to the Civil War thingy, St. Nick was almost unbearable to be around, um, rather, "bored" and "tired." Turns out, he had a nasty cold coming on, and this turned into weeks of a house full of tired, cranky, snotty (literally) kids. I was having flashbacks to newborn-raising.

10pm: Is that one of the kids crying? Yep, might as well go to bed.

11pm: Ugh. Little Fish. Crying. I'm glad it's only 11pm, lots more time to sleep.

12am: Mud Pie. Fever? No.

1am: Fish. Fever. Cold bath? Are you insane? Ibuprofen.

2am: St. Nick. Sore throat. Water. Kisses.

3am: Mud Pie. Needing a comfort kiss.

3:30am: Fish. Fever. 104! Strip off blankets. Tylenol. Not much night left.

4am: Only two hours. So tired. St. Nick. Coughing.

5:30am: Is it worth going back to bed? Fish. Sweaty, and has to go potty.

6am: Time to get up! Forget it.

6:30am: Mud Pie. C'mon! Get up already! I'm lonely!

We had about half a week of health, and now? I'm the one up every hour. I can't breathe through my nose. My throat hurts. Call the Waaaaahmbulance.

So with all this illness, what have I done with all my nice little planning sheets? (Did I mention the sheets? Or, rather, The Sheets. One for each week, organized, beautiful. I'd planned through December. It took hours and hours and hours. Truly beautiful.) I was really using those sheets, wearing them out, actually. Flipping ahead two sheets for one subject area, flipping back three sheets for another, flipping between two sheets wondering what the heck I was gonna do about the subject area I'd planned but dropped altogether. And when we all got sick, it just got better. I had the months of September through November all in use at once! Those poor trees.

Anyway, I trashed 'em. Yep, all of em.

We're unschooling now! Sixteen hours a day of unlimited TV and computer! HA! (Sorry, don't mean to offend you unschooling folk. I know I'm misconstruing and shamefully playing into stereotypes of unschooling. I'm doing it on purpose. Besides, we all know about my computer, right?)

Nope, not quite up for unschooling, however you do it. I switched my planning to Homeschool Tracker Plus instead.

Now how to record "educational computer use"?

I am in love.

Or, rather, "I ab im lobe."

It's Official!

It's Official!

Breakfast Monster Cookies - Grrrr ... Yum!

Breakfast Monster Cookies - Grrrr ... Yum!