When is a Cold Not a Cold?

Oh, help. Did I say on Monday that I had a cold? It's so not a cold. It's something noxious, toxic, hideous, horrible. Chills every night for three days, feverish in the morning. Mucus that could seal the sides of a boat, and a nice seaweed color (keeping with the nautical theme). Pain that floats from inner ear to molars to cheekbones to forehead and back again. I've been avoiding drugs beyond Tylenol because of the faint (read: very slim, highly unlikely, virtually nil) possibility of being pregnant. I suppose I should just give up on that hope now, given how ill I've been and how pregnancies don't "stick" very well for me (that's too flippant - believe me, I don't take it flippantly). I certainly don't feel pregnant. I can't feel much of anything below my collarbone.

On the homeschool topic, I am so glad we switched to Homeschool Tracker for planning out our week because so far this week we've done exactly one chapter of Bible reading (followed by fifteen minutes of convulsive hacking) and one math lesson. It's one thing to have sick days because the kiddies are sick, but can Mom call sick days for herself? But, thanks to HST, two clicks and I can reschedule the whole week!

A side benefit. I felt too horrible to worry about Dr. D being off on a business trip! I got to skip the usual late-night-hubby-gone-loneliness, and instead fell into an exhausted, sore, miserable, fitful sleep.