Oh, Christmas Tree

Oh, Christmas Tree

Yesterday (before the ICE STORM) we made our traditional visit to Lenderink Tree Farms. Much fun! Probably the most fun we've had since our pre-kid visits. It is so nice to have two of the three largely independent. No frantic, "Stay near us!" as one disappears into the back 40 of the farm (or rather, no worries if they disappear because the oldest is now old enough to come back); no balancing baby and toddler and Christmas tree all at once. That was the year before last when Mud Pie wasn't walking (6 months old), Fish wasn't walking well (reeeely bunchy snowsuit) and my parents were chasing St. Nick through the back 40!

At the tree farm.

The farm is such a fun place! They have free greens, lots of them, so many they need a forklift!


And a sledding hill! With sleds! But below is a rare shot of Mud Pie walking.

Rare capture

Usually this is what she wanted to do:

Grandma and Chilly Baby

Grandma got a good workout! Pie isn't as light as she used to be. Grandma also got a little surprise ...

No, I have no idea...

"Hey! How'd that snow get in my hood!?!"

Now THAT's a snowball!

I have no idea, Grandma! ::flaps angel wings::

Of course, we DID get a tree.

Cutting the tree

There's proof! But the highlight? The bonfire with roasted ...

What was once a marshmallow

Oooey gooey stickiness! Oh, and the lunch with Grandma and Grandpa at Arby's. The perfect end to a busy morning.


This is why I love the holidays (it's also why I'm tired today!). Merry First Sunday of Advent! Here are the rest of the Tree Farm photos.

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