Where Does the Time Go?

I have been looking forward to a few hours with just Mud Pie this morning. Dr. D has the boys at the dentist - they left at 8:30. Yet now it is going on 10:30 and I have done none of the Big Things I had planned. Well, strike that, I did move the gifts from last night's shopping-with-my-mom extravaganza into the attic (the locked attic, I might add). But the other Big Things.

What did I do instead? Fixed something for Dr. D, got Mud Pie a chocolate kiss, started Mud Pie on Blue's Clues, put her in her highchair with a coloring book (BC not quite the draw today), got Pie out of her highchair, as she promptly told me, "I have poopy diaper Mommy! Change me!" Changed said diaper, took my shower, got dressed, brought diaper pail downstairs, started laundry and Blue's Clues (again). And now it's two hours from the departure of Dentist boys and I'm typing this post. I should seize my few remaining moments now, shouldn't I? The boys will be home soon!

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Not that I'll have warning because someone STOLE OUR CELL PHONE on Thursday, which we didn't realize until Friday (shopping extravaganza), after the thief had used 35 of our precious minutes. Oh well. They'll be stuck with a useless but rather expensive phone now. I'm getting lots of practice loving my enemies this week. Grrrr. (Oh, go ahead and click the "view reviews" button on that link and see if YOU can figure out what the comment on the 1/5 rating means.)