Why I Love My Husband

Or, rather, why I love him today, since there are lots of other reasons to love him.

Earlier in the week I started pestering him to get me a can of primer. I've detested our upstairs bathroom ever since I painted it it about six years ago. What on earth was I thinking to put royal blue, colorwashed with BLACK in a teeeeeny bathroom with one window?

I know what I was thinking - that the dark colors looked so great in the living and dining room, why not continue the theme? And wouldn't the new white utilities be oh-so striking against blue? They were, I suppose. But for six years I've longed to have a fresh, clean feeling bath rather than an oppressive, dark one.

Dr. D didn't particularly want to do any house projects over the holidays. But he gave in, we primed last night, and today we went and bought our paint.

And what did Dr. D say this morning on the way to the Benjamin Moore store?

"I really think we should paint the ceiling too. It just won't look right if we don't put a fresh coat on the ceiling."

I love how he does everything to absolute perfection! But right now he's waiting for me to go open the wall paint. Before and After pictures coming soon.