How'd it get to be Thursday?

I woke up this morning feeling miraculously free of mucus, and with only the slightest muzzy-headed Nyquil hangover. Ah, finally, now I can start my week. Only, the week is almost finished! I can't say I'm disappointed by this, because I'm not. But I am surprised. I don't really remember much of anything since a playdate at a friend's house. But that was last Tuesday!

Let's see, since then St. Nick was horribly ill, and by Thursday I was ill, and by Friday Little Fish and Dr. D were ill, and on Sunday Mud Pie came down with it. Tuesday of this week we all (yes all five of us) tromped into the doctor's office and yesterday it was so bitter cold and icy that Dr. D decided to work from home for yet another day. Well, yes, that would explain the week-long gap in my memory, I suppose.

But January is a blur as well. What on earth happened to the first month of the new year? Besides losing a week to illness, we listed our house for sale, scheduled a showing of one we'd hoped to see only to have the showing canceled because that place had sold (drat!), I read a long door-stop of a novel for a book review at my other blog, finished two weeks of Tapestry of Grace and some other schoolwork, fretted about dentists, got Mud Pie fitted for orthopedic shoe inserts (her feet pronate), and did the day-to-day things like eating, bathing, cleaning (sometimes). Not all that different than other months. So, where'd January go?

A mystery. Let's see if we can keep from losing the rest of the year into the vortex, shall we?