The House of the Spider Robot Book I: Shrinking Attitude

The House of the Spider Robot Book I: Shrinking Attitude

Shrinking Attitude: Getting Away From the Evil Spider Robot

By St. Nick, age 7 (transcribed by Mom)

It all starts with one mom and one dad and one sister and two boys. But one time when they were driving in the car, they smashed into another car. But the car transformed into a Giant Evil Spider!

But until it's done transforming, it shakes the car and the robot is really strong. Everybody falls out but the robot catches them with his laser. He takes them back to his science place and turns them into spiders. Now it's up to one person to rescue them and to turn them back into humans.

The one person who can defeat the Evil Spider is ...

The Super Hero ...

Mud Pie!!

The Super Hero Baby Mud Pie has super powers. She can spray super poop diapers at the Evil Spider. And she has super stinky powers and the spider will get stinky and have to take a bath. She can rescue anybody.

But one thing - the spider hid the people in the snow outside.

The Evil Spider wants to get rid of the Super Hero Mud Pie. He set some traps for her. He's in his lab trying to get rid of the people that were in the car and the car is now an Evil Minion that he can use to get rid of the Super Hero Mud Pie. She has to battle it before she can get to the lab to rescue the people he has in his evil clutches.

She goes into the lab and the Evil Car Minion is asleep.

But Mud Pie has her partner, Super Hero Fish! His super powers are: he has a Lego-gun-train and super smiley face and super long hair so he can curl up with the spider, and his body can stretch over 100 feet. But Super Hero Fish is really sick so he has to stay home. He got infected by the Evil Spider with some sick material stuff.

So Super Hero Mud Pie is on her own.

Come back soon for the next installment in our exciting saga, House of the Spider Robot!

How'd it get to be Thursday?

How'd it get to be Thursday?

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