Best Laid Plans, Uh huh

So much for the diet. No, not really. I haven't given up, but I'm taking a day off (yes, that's what we'll call it). Because ...

I've had the worst few days. It all started Wednesday night. I took a Mucinex around 7pm, thinking it would help my cough so I could sleep better. But when I went to bed my heart started going crazy - thumping like I'd just run a marathon. I'd start to feel restful, then it would go crazy again. Add to that total nutty anxiety. At 3am I was up in the kitchen eating forbidden bread, thinking fuzzily that maybe the diet was causing this strange anxiety/sleeplessness.

Then, about 4am, I realized that Mucinex (which I've only taken two or three times, usually during the day) tends to make me jumpy and it did seem to give me a restless night once. Even though I'd taken it the night before at 7pm, it's a 12 hour slow-release capsule. Usually when a pill says "12 Hour" I figure I'll get about six or eight hours of relief. But Mucinex is true to its word. I honestly got NO sleep until 7am. And of course the kids are up by then, so...

All the next day I was exhausted, and still anxious. And then started in with a stomachache. By dinner I couldn't eat, was sooo tired, my chest tight and that horrible cough. But then it occurred to me, hey dumbell, your chest feels tight and awful not because you're having a panic attack/rare terminal genetic disease, it's tight because you can't breathe!

So we went to the med center, and Mud Pie and I were diagnosed with bronchitis. UGH. My blood pressure was off the charts (for me anyway), and the doctor confirmed that Mucinex, especially the ones with added ingredients like D or DM (I'd taken DM), has this awful side-effect on many people. She also said I shouldn't take it again. Which will be easy considering I flushed the rest of the bottle (the pills, not the whole bottle) the morning after my horrid night.

Last night I took the prescrip cough syrup from the med center thinking the codeine would knock me out, but it only made me feel floaty. So, I floated above sleep (reminding myself that the previous night was the Mucinex) until midnight, then crashed and slept like a rock until Dr. D, sweet wonderful man, woke me at 8am for an already scheduled dr's visit.

Needless to say, what I could or couldn't eat was not much of an issue the past two days.

I did discover at my visit this morning that I was down three pounds. Yippee!