Princess Potty: The Girl Who Potty Trained Herself

On a positive note - miraculous, actually - Mud Pie, Wednesday morning, decided to strip to nothing and put on a pair of her brother's underpants. On a lark, I brought the potty down from the attic and asked if she wanted to use it. Why, yes she did.

I fully expected her to sit on it, chatter a while about potties and underpants, then get up having left nothing behind. I'd then put her in a diaper and go on with my day.

Only she emptied her bladder into the potty! And opened the potty up, took out the bowl, carried it to the big toilet (like she hasn't seen Fish do this a thousand times), dumped it in, and proceeded to rinse it out herself.

I figured, Ok, she's on empty now, so she won't wet for a while. I'll just let her stay in her brother's underpants.

Only a while later she did the whole routine again! Then she wet her underpants, but changed into dry ones. She stayed dry the rest of the day.

Princess Potty!

Princess Potty!

The next day she wet a pair of pants (and was irritated with herself for doing it), but otherwise stayed dry. Virtually no prompting from me.

The next day, while I was typing away on the computer (taking advantage of St. Nick's Curious George obsession), she came up, sat on the potty, then came in to me with the most bizarre look on her face. A cross between fear and pride and horror. "Come look at the potty, Mommy."

She'd left a solid deposit! She was rather alarmed by it and said several times that she would not put her stinky in the potty again. But, still. It was there.

Saturday and Sunday she did great. Dry all day. Today dry again. I forgot to put bedtime pants on her at nap, and wasn't surprised that she woke screaming. But I was surprised when I got up there. "There's poopy in my beddie, Mommy!"

Quick, easy, clean-up. I think she'll see potty as better than beddie for poopie. But I'm still in shock, afraid to say she's Potty Training because I'm not doing any teaching!