All Done!! Fish's First Surgery

Today marked the first surgery ever for any of the children - Little Fish to have a hernia repaired.

He did so incredibly well! We were at the hospital two days ago for a tour, which did wonders to alleviate his fears. He bopped right into the hospital with only a little hesitation (because we didn't go immediately to the play room). He loved the hospital PJs, was a sport with temperature taking and blood pressure cuffs and other kids in the play area. I was expecting him to be more of a Thunder Cloud, and I was pleasantly surprised to see him winning over all the nurses with his cute little self.

After surgery, however, he was a sleepy guy! It was a good half hour before he stirred in recovery, and we had another hour before he was ready for some bites of Popsicle and sips of juice. And after that, he fell back asleep until we woke him to get dressed.

After which he promptly vomited.

Overall, a very positive experience (as positive as surgery and hospitals can get, I think). But no swimming for him, so no visiting the hotel pool with Uncle and Aunt and Cousin this weekend.

Here he is just waking up:

And here getting some ice chips from Dr. D.