Week in the Life: A Report

Week in the Life: A Report

I've been using Homeschool Tracker, but the past few weeks I just couldn't think clearly enough to plan/keep up with it. I may not go back, which is a freeing thought. Anyway, I may well be procrastinating on judging an entry to the ACFW's Genesis contest right now, but I haven't done a school update in ages, since I started using HST, and I feel like doing one now. So, here it is! (That contest entry will still be there tomorrow. It really will. Sigh.)

What we did and how it went...

Monday the 17th: Leading Little Ones to God, lesson 49. Read You Wouldn't Want to be in Alexander the Great's Army in its entirety. Had a picnic in the living room. Not really school, but fun and out of the ordinary. Review #5 in Singapore Math 1B. All fine except skip counting by fives.

I thought we needed more work on skip counting, but later St. Nick counted by fives without issue. I don't know why he got hung up on it in the review.

Tuesday: LLOTG, 50. Math topic 8, ex. 46. (Numbers to 100), Scholastic Success with First Grade worksheets on maps - borders (pp. 284-5). Ancient Greeks (Usborne). St. Nick read this himself, supposedly, and drew a rather hasty sketch in his history notebook of ... I don't recall and I don't feel like getting up to look and I might not know what it is even if I did.

Read another chapter of Mouse and the Motorcycle (Beverly Cleary).

Wednesday: LLOTG 51 (St. Nick and I alternated reading paragraphs). Math ex. 47-48. St. Nick looked at Dangerous Journey (a retelling of Pilgrim's Progress, which we'd read a few months ago). Looked briefly at Life in Ancient Athens (which wasn't very interesting for either of us, sorry to say). Read Alexander and the Stallion (by Elizabeth Westra, also known as Grandma).

St. Nick read Jason and the Golden Fleece independently. Or at least read some and looked at the pictures. I'm not sure. Scholastic Worksheets on Naming Words (pp. 199-201).

Thursday: St. Nick watched television and played computer allllll day while Grandma W. read a book or read to Mud Pie and while Mom and Dad had Fish at the hospital for his surgery. Not very happy about this.

Practice for the big day!

Friday (today!): LLOTG 51. Math ex. 49-50. Scholastic Worksheets on maps (US map), and on exclamation sentences. Read King Midas and the Golden Touch by Charlotte Craft. St. Nick read Mouse Tales by Arnold Lobel independently. He finished it pretty quickly, so I'm not positive he didn't skip words, though he was able to narrate back. Hmmm. Isn't he too young to be speed-reading?

It was also a no-computer day (see comment on yesterday), which meant St. Nick spent most of his time pacing and being bored. I relaxed the computer rules when I was ill, so for two weeks he played in the afternoon. Now I'm regretting it. Gone is the boy who raids the recycle bin to "invent" things with tape and cardboard and paper clips. Back to the boy who sits and whines, "What am I going to do? I'm soooo booooorrrreeeeddddd!" Huge melodramatic sigh. We're giving the laptop to Dr. D's father, now that Dr. D has his laptop from the office, but our desktop (out for repairs since November) will be coming back this weekend with Uncle. Drat! Maybe we really should get rid of it altogether.

Fish also did some work this week, like had surgery and a pre-op tour of the hospital. We've read a handful of books to him, including his all-time favorite of Yoko by Rosemary Wells.

Overall, a good and very busy week! I'd say "now to those contest entries" but it's too late for that. Mud Pie will be up soon, and I don't really want to read them today anyway. How convenient.

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