End of the Week Summary

What? But it's only Thursday! True enough, but we're going to Indianapolis tomorrow and Saturday to hang with Dr. D's mom. She and his dad are there for six weeks (or more) while Dad undergoes stem cell replacement. (Something to keep in prayer for the one person who actually follows this blog.)

So, here's what we did.

Monday: Nothing. I don't remember Monday. At all. Funny, that.

Tuesday: Leading Little Ones to God, lesson 59; exercises 64 & 65 in Math; started reading Famous Men of Rome (see earlier post for St. Nick's poem written in response).

Wednesday: Busy day. Fish had a Dr's visit where, as I was updating his new Dr. on his medical history, I totally forgot that he'd broken his collarbone when he was two. That was such a traumatic event - I can't believe I didn't mention it. I said, "Oh, I think the only time he's seen a doctor was when..." Dum-me. Then I had an appointment after lunch, and after that I wanted to finish edits to a manuscript so I could get it out already, so school didn't happen.

Thursday: Read and repeated Psalm 100 (we're going to memorize it); Math exercise 66; McGuffey's Second Reader lesson 42; Scholastic Success for 2nd Grade lesson on common nouns (done extremely well, even if barely legible); found quartzite and obsidian in the backyard (looked them up on a rock identification website) and discussed volcanic vs. metamorphic rocks. Not sure how much stuck, but it was fun for me. I love this stuff. I'm such a geek.

Oh! I just remembered Monday! We had a house showing, so I spent the morning cleaning and trying to occupy the kids with things that wouldn't make a mess, then spent the afternoon at the ice cream parlor and the library where St. Nick discovered the non-fiction section. Then we went out to the deck, and while St. Nick paged through his dozen or so books, I tried to keep Fish and Pie from throwing all the library's mulch into the lake. Fun!

More after Indianapolis. Can't say I'm looking forward to this one.