Too tired to post

But I'm going to anyway. Actually, I'm procrastinating on a project I have going. Whatever. I'm here, tired from keeping myself up late and waking early. But that's why God made coffee, right? Right.

Ok, then. Indianapolis was ... hard. Hard and easy. Easy in that I felt pretty much myself, hard in that it's never easy taking three kids on a second long road trip in just a few week's time. More complaints than last time, but since it was a new place (vs. Ohio), it was more exciting for them. I had charge of them for an afternoon while Dr. D visited his father in the hospital, and I surprised myself by bringing them to the Dairy Queen and buying them whatever they wanted (within reason - it was almost dinner time).

But then we got to the hotel and they'd double booked our room, so after a minor moment of flipping out (there was no way I was going to cram all five of us in one room - I know, lots of people do it, but I'm not lots of people - I am so sick of not sleeping), we got ourselves switched to another hotel a few miles up the road. All was well. Went to the pool, slept fine, had a yummy breakfast, more pool, back to the condo where my mother-in-law is staying, and said our good-byes.

Fish in the hotel spa

Fish in the hotel spa

A short, sweet trip.

If only I didn't feel so desperately bad about it. About not letting Dr. D go on his own (he didn't seem to want to, but it would have been better for him, but I didn't want to be stuck home alone overnight), about not being as supportive for my mother-in-law as I should be, about being a narcissistic self-absorbed prig. Sigh. Did I mention I'm tired? Maybe I'll write a letter to my mother-in-law. She would like it, and I would get to procrastinate even more!