Let's Hope "They" don't read this

Whoever "they" are. Those anti-homeschoolers who are on the prowl for evidence that we're all secretly squirreling our kids away at home to fill their minds with anti-semitic mantras and instructions on bomb production. Or at least that we're neglecting their education and turning them into dull witted, socially inept, intellectually anemic adults. Because the past two weeks have really sucked on the school front.

Here's what we did:

Leading Little Ones to God: 60-62. And Psalm 100.

Math intensive practice (Singapore 1B, the second to last unit, whichever that is. Adding and subtracting to 100): a bunch of pages.

Scholastic Success for second grade: some stuff on maps and worksheets on proper nouns and verbs.

Some poems in Modern Rhymes on Ancient Times: Rome.

Several home showings.

A whole lot of time outside digging for bugs.

A handful of experiments involving vinegar and baking soda, all having the same basic outcome.

And a Lego robot built to resemble (quite accurately) the robot in a movie called Iron something. I can't even remember the title of the film.

Oh, and three trips to the library for movies and reading material. St. Nick has started picking up chapter books (vs. comic books/graphic novels) and, basing solely on the amount of time he spends looking at each page, I'm guessing he's actually READING them.

St. Nick's Lego creation

St. Nick's Lego creation

Another house showing tomorrow and an open house on Sunday, so rather than do school, I am doing laundry. St. Nick is playing with pipe cleaners. I'd like to say next week we'll get back to it, but I'm not making any promises.

(Ok, ok, we will. We WILL!)