Like a Carnival Ride

That would be my emotions. Inspections went fine. Found a few things (don't they always?), but nothing really major and nothing that would break the deal. And nothing that matched that first (fictitious?) inspection report. So, this is good.

Been round and round on the house we want to buy. First they don't want to lower the price quite enough, then we find an agreeable price but they say stubbornly, "We won't do ANY repairs based on inspections." To which we wondered, what are they hiding? So they struck that clause. But then they wanted twice the length of time that *we* have until we can have possession. Easy way of saying it: we'll be homeless for two weeks unless we can get our buyer to delay his move from Kentucky. Still waiting to hear on that one.

But right now Dr. D is on his way to Indianapolis because his father isn't going to pull through this final round of chemo. The Big "C" is such a terrible thing - I didn't respect it enough until now. Now that it's taking the children's grandpa from them before they've hardly had a chance to know him.

Nothing more to say. Trying to keep it together here at home, which means TV dinners and DVDs from the library.

Mud Pie is hollering about her need to use the facilities, so my time is up! She's still too little to get herself on the potty without help, and heaven forbid she come back downstairs to use her little potty. Ah, the joys!