A Week Gone By

Was it just day three the last time I posted? I guess so, but I've drafted a thousand posts in my head between then and now. Some of them might have had titles like, "When dryers don't dry" or "what to do with kids while dryer-fixers are swarming through the house" or "dishwashers that work; dryers that don't" or maybe "BUGS! They live in the forest, too."

It's been an incredibly busy and wonderful two-ish weeks. I got a dishwasher installed today (took two hours of the man's time), the next dryer guy is coming tomorrow, and we've gone stomping through the woods several times. The kids think the long driveway is their private bike path. And in a way it is. My mother has gotten lost going home from our place (at night, I'll credit her) not once, not twice, but three times. And Dr. D and I went out last week Saturday for a movie (can't recall the name) and dinner at a posh country club that made me wonder why people spend money that way because I make a better salad and the artichoke dip at Gaia House is about ten million times better. But whatever. We had a gift certificate.

I'm already hooked on this place. Even with the dryer and the creepy-crawly wildlife that winds up inside far more often than I'd like. The UPS guy lingered in the driveway, chatting away and looking at the trees, experiencing the solace. I feel tremendously privileged to have this house, this land. Some go to cottages to experience nature and peace - I have it all around me, every day. I know nothing I've done merits this sort of gift, but that is the nature of Grace, isn't it?

And a little surprise - dishwasher installer found all sorts of mouse "presents" in the basement ceiling. Old? New? Have no idea. I haven't heard mice or seen them. But maybe mice mean I can convince Dr. D to get a cat! Fish and Pie (and St. Nick, when he's not too cool to be excited about things) would be elated. Off to check the homeless pet database!