Day 1 Survived

We're splitting moving into three + days. Day one was loading the rental truck, mostly with boxed items like books (see previous post). Day two involves friends of Dr. D loading small-ish furniture items and any remaining boxes (only a couple from the basement - mostly canning jars). And day three is Monday, and will be wonderful professional movers taking the real backbreaking items like the treadmill and sleeper sofa.

Day 1 was a huge success! Not only did we have the truck half loaded by the time any helpers arrived, we fit all the major boxes and some furniture items on there! And we had an extra helper to unload at the new place. It could not have gone more smoothly. This house, though. It's so empty and echo-y. The dining room has just our small kitchen table in it, and a highchair. The living room is missing the rug and several items. I am glad to be moving, but it's a little bittersweet. I'll miss the crown molding and the stained glass windows, the huge mantle and the custom painting in the dining room that took me about two dozen hours to complete. I've taken lots of photos, and I'll take more before we leave, but I know memory will fade, even with pictures to help keep it fresh.

Combine the sorrow of leaving a place where two of our three children were born (literally) with giddy expectation for the new house and what do you get? A sleepless night! We spent some time in the new place, and as with every single visit, simply walking in the door feels like coming home. So many things are different in a wonderful way. A driveway! A garage! A family room off the kitchen/dining area! Acres of land to explore! A deck! Even a hot tub! I sent the kids outside last night and when I wandered to the end of the drive to tell them it was time to go, what did I find? All three with stained fingers, shirts, mouths - they'd found the wild blackberry bushes. Oh, yes. This is well worth my aching arms and legs, well worth three days of flux.

Now for Moving Day 2.