Day Two - Can it be?

Can it be that we're almost moved? I'm sitting here on the couch, which is the only piece of furniture left in this room. Well, except for two disassembled beds. Lamps are on the floor, the dining room is entirely empty. Wow.

My arms - they look like I've been through a boxing match - all scrapes and bruises, but I guess I just really get into my moving. My muscles sure agree with that statement, and they're sooo glad there are movers coming tomorrow for the really nasty items.

One big surprise: although the new house is a totally different style than our current one, our furniture actually looks good in it. The colors of the wood, the lines. It works.

Fading fast, so I guess this'll be it for intelligent commentary. Oh, except, why do some people feel the need to say whatever moronic thing comes into their heads? We've had a few folk see the new place (friends who have helped us in, mostly), and one person just couldn't keep from mentioning things like, "You'll need to put bells on the kids so you know where they are!" and "Well, that's a lot more lawn to mow." And "Did you know your bathroom door sticks?"

I'm probably just being oversensitive - I am exhausted - but honestly, would I not have noticed the increase in yard or the sticking door? I won't divulge who this person is, but let's just say, I really shouldn't expect anything else. Yet I always do. Dumb me.