First Field Trip of the School Year

And my was it ... WET. We hooked up with our new homsechool group to attend a historical encampment/reenactment, and the forecast called for morning showers. Well, it was indeed raining when we were picked up, raining as we drove, raining as we unloaded, raining as we waited for the event to start .... Don't take my word for it. Here are the highlights in pictures:

First tent, storytellers and singers about the French settlers. Entertaining, even if we were shivering and wet. (Thoughts: Ahhh, this is so refreshing! A nice light rain; surely it will let up soon.)

Next demonstration, musket drills! What fun! The muskets were a little damp.

St. Nick enjoying the musket drill. (I had to "trick" him into participating by taking a wooden musket, then handing it to him saying, "Oh! I just want to get some pictures!!!" To which he replied, "I'm so not falling for this, Mom. I'm not doing it.") By the way, it's still raining.

The rain stopped briefly for a cannon shooting and lunch.

St. Nick and his friend L loved the cannon.

Which was about the only thing St. Nick really did enjoy. Incidentally, he was about the driest among us with his yellow fleece shedding water. L and I had to change when we got home that afternoon.


We also saw a woodworker and a blacksmith. Exciting, but nowhere near as engaging as the reenactment we went to last fall. I'll have to go back in my files and see where on earth that was so we can go again, unless it's raining. Heck, even if it is raining. We have lots of practice at being wet.