Homeschool Co-op Strikes Again

Another day of our new coop down and this time I sent St. Nick armed with a notebook and box of pencils, to take notes. He didn't think this would help. "It's sooooo boring, Mom! What am I gonna do, WRITE?"

"No, no, you can take notes in pictures, sweetie."

"What kinda pictures? Pictures of dumb birds?" (Cue five minute rant about how birds have feathers and he already knows birds have feathers, etc.)

"Not if you don't want, you can draw whatever kind of pictures you want, that have a little to do with what the teacher is saying, maybe."


was added because I really do know better.

"Anything I want?" (Cue that look of cogs and wheels turning up there in his head behind his eyes, a scary look that usually precedes something ingenious and often destructive.)

"Sure!" (But the look gets stronger so I backtrack.) "Well, nothing inappropriate or scary."



After class his teacher came up to me saying, "St. Nick could hardly contain himself, he wanted me to see his picture so badly. Quite a kid, that St. Nick." Something in here eyes warned me.

At this point I'm a little annoyed (again) about the environment, the culture that's waaaay too close to what's shown in the previous post. So when I asked, "St. Nick, so what's this picture you drew during class?" I was pretty sure I didn't want to see a drawing of dollies in a field of daisies. Of course, I know St. Nick too well to think I'd ever get a drawing of dollies in daisies from him (though he did draw an adorable Apple Dumpling doll for his sister once). Still, I didn't know quite what to expect. This is what I got:

I laughed the whole way home.