Oh, Sigh.

Our first homeschool coop was this past week and already I've gotten a call from the director to talk about my son's "special needs." Special needs? Like classes that are interesting?

Pardon the sarcasm; I'm such a horrible person. He, apparently, tried to hide, escape, etc. etc. during the second of his two classes, and when he saw me in the hall before his third class he put on his fiercest angry face, which is really pretty comical, but also embarrassing since no one else's little cherubs flashed angry faces. I don't think they even have angry faces. I'm beginning to wonder if they have wills, or if they've been drugged. Or maybe most homeschoolers just manage to breed sweet smiling obedient children who can sit in one room for two solid hours listening to somebody's mom talk about music or birds or whatever and not be bored out of their gourds. I can't breed that sort of child. It would, honestly, be a miracle of genetics if Dr. D and I managed to produce a child like that.

Anyway, I've had my required conversation with St. Nick about staying in the room, not being a distraction and so on. And I'm fantasizing about the local charter academy every time I drive by the sign that says Limited openings in K, 2nd and 5th! Oh, yeah, I'm so ready for that.

Dr. D has his "Sunday Personality" going on today. I.e. grouchy about everything. Right now he's cleaning toilets and muttering profanity under his breath because the Ajax was in the upstairs bathroom and not under the kitchen sink where I guess he thinks it belongs. Funny, since he uses it maybe once for every, say, hundred-seventy times that I use it. Of course, after cleaning both toilets he will insist for the next few years that he cleans the bathrooms more often than I do.

Whine whine whine. Too bad I'm out of cheese.