Something to Say

That's what I haven't had for a while now. Homeschool coop has been going better. Fish loves it, Pie doesn't know that she has a choice, and St. Nick is under strict orders to put up with it or else. He may well find out what "or else" means before it's said and done, however. I guess I should put some thought into what "or else" means, eh?

So, I'm sitting here at Biggby sipping a Big Chill despite the cold. I love the taste! I can't help it. And I'm thinking about how it didn't feel like I went grocery shopping today. Which is really, truly amazing! Our local grocery just started a program where you fill your cart online and, for a small fee, someone else collects all your items, bags them, rings them up, and all you have to do is park in the designated spot at the designated time and ring them up to say, "I'm here!" and out they come to take your credit card and load the bags into the back of your vehicle. It's awesome!!!! Not only did I save probably $40 (no impulse buys, no "Well, it's on sale so even though I don't *need* six boxes of Cheddar Crisps ..."), I avoided the whole tugging kids through the asiles, forgetting that one thing way in back, the oh crap I need to get shampoo which is all the way on the other side of the store, the Put that back! No, we aren't going to buy that! Put it back, I said! Hey, how did this get in my shopping bag?

I can hardly contain how excited I am by this new program. No more pushing a cart through slush in the winter! No more embarassed forevers in the checkout lane while the kids scream and fight and try to open all the candy bars (nooo, they don't really do that. No, of course not.).

I'm sure next time my computer crashes I'll regret saying this, but isn't technology great? I can sit here at Biggby, jamming to my iPod, typing on my laptop, posting via wireless, and all this after going grocery shopping without even leaving my car. Ahhhhhhh.