Since I'm Quitting and all...

Since I've put away Sonlight and am therefore not keeping tack of what we do, here's a little record of the past week (new "method" is to give St. Nick his to-do list on Monday and he can decide when/what he does each day, but if it's not done by Friday evening he doesn't eat).

A whole year of Sonlight ready to sell...

A whole year of Sonlight ready to sell...

Last week: MCP Phonics pages 105-110. Printing Power pages 21-25. Math - Singapore 2B exercises 22 and 23 plus Review 2. Poetry:

Knock at a Star

pages 42-56. Scholastic Success workbook pages 213, 241-246 and Reading Skills Test 4.

Well, that was short and sweet. Now to shower and head to the library to confess that the

Tweety's Amazing Adventure

DVD went to Goodwill. Ooops.