Things St. Nick does *instead* of schoolwork

He'll do almost anything. So far this morning:

1. Watch Sesame Street with his younger brother.
2. Put messy pigtails in his sister's hair.
3. Pet the dog.
4. Pet the cat.
5. Make his own breakfast, involving the toaster, the refrigerator, etc.
6. Blow a granola bar wrapper from one end of the table to the other and back again.
7. Write a list of his favorite websites.
8. Run in circles making monster noises.
9. Ask me five million questions (unrelated to school), until I snap "Quit it! I'm not going to bug you about doing your work, but you're not allowed to keep me from doing mine!"
10. Inform me that we need milk and proceed to take inventory of the cupboards and refrigerator in case we're going to the store today, which we aren't.
11. Hide.

And all this before 10am. Ah, the joys of homeschooling.