Absolutely Nothing To Say

I'm typing this on a little wee mini computer (netbook, technically). Mostly to see if the clickly computer keys are going to start sending shockwaves of pain up through my fingertips. So what should I type while I try to figure out if my fingers will explode?

Hmmm. I don't know.

We got rid of our dog. He was insane. No, seriously, he was. See, way back last Christmas we went off to church and came home to poor Fisher barking away in the office. I went in to see that he'd knocked over a bookshelf and torn up the carpet. Yes, a little doggie remodeling. Well, since then we had a flood and got the carpet replaced, so that was nice enough. But imagine my horror when, after leaving the dog for half hour after supper (forgetting to let him out - my bad) I came home to find Lake Pisser on the boy's newly-carpeted bedroom floor? We'd already had the carpet cleaners out to clean up an, ahem, accident on that floor, and now we had them out again. $100. JOY! Another brief without-dog outing and we returned to find Fish's favorite (new) stuffed toy chewed to bits; and another Maggie's met the same sad fate. And then we started tying crazy dog when we left home. Until he ate through the leash.

Now all of this could be considered funny in a Marley and Me sort of way. But Fisher was also growing more bizarre. Skittery, fearful. Not so unusual - he's a skittery, fearful dog (of everything from toy cars to wicker baskets). He no longer greeted Dr. D with happy doggie wag, rather he'd slink up to him, bowing and fawning. This did not go over well with anyone, particularly Dr. D, who doesn't appreciate fawning and bowing. At all. Especially in a dog big enough to rip his arms off.

So, Fisher is gone.

Interestingly, when we asked the kids what they'd feel if we got rid of Fisher, they all said, "Yeah! Get rid of Fisher!"

Hmmm. That should be telling me something, shouldn't it.

Hmm. And my thumb hurts a little from clicking the space bar, but is this going to be a problem? Is it any harder of a punch than my regular computer? It's not at all like the desktop with the keyboard of death that felt like my fingertips were pounding burning spikes. Or maybe the problem is not so much with the keyboard as it is with my fingers. That sounds ... painful, and expensive to fix.

But will I be able to type reliably on this little bugger? Will this be able to replace my glorious ThinkPad for writing tasks?

Oy. I am too nervous about my upcoming trip to decide. And what's with the lack of spellcheck anyway?