A new skill - Buddy Taping!

It sounds like some odd team-building exercise, doesn't it? I can imagine a group of fourth graders and a roll of duct tape ... or, maybe I'd rather not imagine that.

Really, it involves taping an injured finger to a healthy finger to stabilize the hurt one. In fact, here's a picture! Of my very own hand. And no, the purple was not added in photoshop. It got a little tricky since two fingers are broken and not just one.

I've known for a while my dog, Oscar Wild, was never socialized. He doesn't get on well with other dogs. Not a problem given where we live except when there are dogs roaming free. Not common, though, since we only have a couple of neighbors in our square mile. Yesterday I walked the Cannonsburg biking/ski trail and, tired after about three miles, was approaching my driveway when ... Yes, two strange dogs in the road. I'm not sure if Oscar wants to eat strange dogs or just be buddies. Whatever the case, he wanted at those two in a bad way. So bad that while I was going for a better grip on the leash, he bolted. My fingers? History. 

Another angle: 

I had to Google "Buddy Taping." Thank heavens for YouTube. You can find anything on YouTube. There are even videos on rug hooking! Which is something I might not be doing for a while, given my poor digits.

And my not-so-best Buddy ...

Hard to be upset with that face.