Missing Members

Bedtime rolled around with the usual mix of exhaustion (parents) and bickering (Pie and Fish). This time the argument was over who brushed teeth first. Everyone ended up frustrated, so we spent some time in Pie's room sitting together and talking about Family and how much we love one another. Little hearts softened, siblings made up and said Good Nights and I Love Yous. All was well.

But then Pie started to cry.

"What's wrong?"

"I miss St. Nick!"

See, big brother has been with Grandma in Ohio for the past week. "We all miss him," I said, and Fish started to cry too. Soon Dr. D and I were joining in. Our family hasn't felt complete to me for the past seven days, but I hadn't known the little ones felt it too.

So to soothe our hearts, we called Grandma and said Good Night to St. Nick, then Fish and Mag each put a picture of their big brother in their room. We pick St. Nick up on Tuesday, which isn't soon enough for any of us.