Cousins, Identical Cousins

That title is supposed to be sung to the tune of ... oh, what show was that? Ah, Patty Duke (thank you Google). Last week Fish and Mag and St. Nick and I all went to visit cousins about an hour away. My three kids were well matched with the other four - there's a lot of energy in this group, to be sure.

I can't imagine a more perfect day. Warm but not blistering, sunny but not blazing. We had hot dogs and cucumbers and watermelon and iced tea and popsicles. We had a water balloon fight, and finally all ended up in the pool. Yes, even the moms.

The older kids took turns on the diving board. Or rather didn't take turns!

One might think Fish is the swimmer of the bunch, but nope. St. Nick jumped off without floaties or life jacket. Fish, well, he likes to be prepared ...

The kiddos and I also left with a car load of gear for Baby. I drove home in a quiet van with three sleeping children. I was tired too, and grateful for the fellowship of family.