Good Kids Rock

Dr. D travels a lot during the fall - prime time for academic conferences and other such nonsense, um, activities (since he's a Doctor of Ideas, not a medical doctor).

Mornings without Dr. D can be a little crazed. Who makes the coffee? Who urges the kiddos to hurry up, get things together, don't forget ... ? And if I happen to have an appointment in the morning, who on earth is going to take care of things so I can get ready to go? I may drop the kiddos at school uncombed and unwashed (that's me unkempt, not them), but an OB visit is altogether different.

What to do. This time I charged St. Nick with the words, "I'm taking a shower. Make sure Fish and Pie eat breakfast, ok?" "Ok, Mom." "Really, they need to eat and so do you." "OK, Mom." "And you all have to be done by the time I'm done." "OK, MOM!!"

Ok, so I headed up to the shower, and came down a few minutes later to find everyone fed and quietly getting their bags packed, and this waiting for me on the counter:

I couldn't have wished for a better morning, or a tastier breakfast! Thanks to my great good kid!