A New Game For Pregnancy: Name That Bump!

Thirty weeks puts me in the final countdown, and tosses me into the number one recreational activity of expectant mommies, Name That Bump! Toward the end of every pregnancy I've tried (and failed) to figure out exactly which way little peanut was sitting in the womb. With Fish the doctor told me around 28 weeks that he was transverse, which explained the odd recurring dream I'd been having: racing down a road, out of control, desperately needing to turn around. I did some relaxation/visualization, even though I thought at the time it was a whole lot of pooey, and sure enough, he thunked into position.

This little girl is a tricky bugger. Every kick and swoosh I feel below the belly button, which could mean breech. But I also feel hiccups low in the belly, so maybe not breech. I've squished and prodded and wondered, "is that an elbow or a knee?" more times than I'd care to admit, without gaining any great insight.

For now I'm assuming she's doing what her big sister did and folding herself in half with her tootsies up by her forehead. It's not like she has a lot of space in there. If she did she wouldn't be forcing me into such good posture. Even a hint of a slump and there's a bowling ball under my ribcage!

I'm also trying to celebrate the beauty of expectancy, while making use of this fabulous summer-like October and the golden light. Photo cross-posted at my photo-blog.

belly smaller.jpg