Festivalivities (aka Festival of Faith and Writing)

I haven't felt like a writer since Penny came along, or not like a good writer or a serious writer. I've been writing in snippets between nursings and changings and appointments and errands. It's amazing how complicated life is with now four children. In the past two weeks, for example, I've sewn a Revolutionary War costume, attended two (or three?) school events, two (three? four?) doctor's appointments, writer's group, made several trips to the library, run countless errands, gardened, read a parenting book, gardening book and two juicing books, made thirty or more lunches and several dozen breakfasts and dinners, played Single Mom for six-or-so nights, slept through the night zero times, changed about 190 diapers, spent 3-4 hours each day nursing the baby ... oh, and wrote. A little. When I could.

But this weekend I was able to attend the Festival of Faith and Writing. Three days, 11 sessions, two meals with my MFA friends, and only one occasion of a wet shirt from over-full-leaky-milk-makers. Plus, I still managed to attend the kids' school carnival.

Refreshed, renewed, ready to tackle that ever-present question from Dr. D: How do you plan to pay off your student loans?