A New Name

So little Penny has earned a new nickname: Miss Rowdy. Some variations: Rowdypants, Rowdybooger, QuitBeingSoRowdyandGoBacktoSleep.

Miss Rowdy has been waking two, three, four times a night lately. Not screaming in pain, rather just for kicks. And I do mean that literally. Her nursies are like a wrestling match. Squirm, kick, glug glug. Every five seconds she has to "check in" with me, give me a delirious sleepy little smile, then back at it.

Back in dream land she squirms and wiggles all over the crib. Sitting on my lap at the dinner table she kicks both legs and smashes rattles on the table with both hands. When she's playing, her floor toy sounds like one of those wooden wind chimes. During a hurricane.

Plus she just discovered the Joy of Noise. Her sweet little shriek of delight can shatter glass. I'm not making that up. Ok, maybe just a little made up. But unless she learns volume control soon, the whole family will need earplugs.

We love our Penny from Heaven who is now a great big 4.5 months old. And we love seeing her personality appear, more and more every day. I have a feeling I'm not going to finish off the flock with an easy bird, however. This little sparrow is, in a word, Rowdy.