Every Day New

Ah, Thursday. A hint of Friday, the faintest fragrance of Saturday. Not that Friday or Saturday will be different, mind you, not with Dr. D at his conference. But we can pretend.

Unlike the pretending I usually do when giving the kids popsicles. I always avoid reading ingredient lists on sugary treats, or cling to the bright, "Made with REAL Juice!" on the box. Not this time.

This time we made our own popsicles, just like I did as a kid. (See, Mom, I DO remember the good things.) Only I didn't whip up pudding or break out the Kool-Aid. We juiced pineapple, strawberries, a beet, some chard, some cherries, a little fennel, and I think a plum ... maybe a few other things too. All for truly delightful, wonderfully healthy Juicesicles!

That smile says Yum.