LinkedIn Fail

Over the weekend I received a LinkedIn request from a friend and accepted it. Then I made my oopsie. I thought of Dr. D and how he said, "Wow, I have two zillion connections on LinkedIn, how many do you have?" Uhhh, I don't really do LinkedIn. But why not? It's a good networking tool, right? RIGHT? So why not add some people I know. But who do I know? People I email. Like in my Gmail, and look at that, right there on the screen is a little button to link me with people in my Gmail. Cool!

Uh, not cool. Because I am an idiot. I clicked the link and saw a screen to check the people I knew, but it only showed, like, thirty? So I checked a few and clicked "Next Step." I thought (stupid stupid) that the Next Step would be to see the next thirty contacts from Gmail so I could click the people I knew.

Nope. Uh-uh. Instead an invite went out to all the zillion people I've ever sent an email to. People I've bought stuff from (or sold stuff to) on Craiglist, people I sort of know, people I don't know at all, people I'm not convinced are real people.

For example, I am now connected to Rajneet. I'm sure you're really a great person, and a real person (ummm), and I'm delighted to have you in my network, Rajneet.

Whoever you are.

And here would be "Graffiti Fail"

And here would be "Graffiti Fail"