Seven Things Every Baby MUST Have

1 & 2 A really good highchair and Baby Mum Mums. Wow! How did I survive the first three kids when all we had were Biter Biscuits? Remember those? They dissolved in a messy mush, with choking-sized chunks often breaking off in baby's mouth. Mum Mums are fabulous - they dissolve safely and slowly with no mess (less mess - it's not possible to use "no mess" and "baby" in the same sentence). Plus, they taste pretty good. Even for Mom. Did I just write that? No, I did not. Forget I wrote that. Wrote what? Right.

3 & 4 Workhorse diapers and Thirsties covers. I fell in love with Thirsties economical, colorful, and durable covers when Mud Pie was a baby. Imagine my delight to find they're still being produced! And still as cute, durable, and economical. The old-fashioned prefold diaper is still around too, but a new addition: a "fitted" prefold. All the absorbency but without shoot-out-poo. Love.

Cloth-eeze diapers!

Cloth-eeze diapers!

5 Barnyard Dance. Stomp your feet, Clap your hands, Everybody ready for a ... I have the whole thing memorized. And I still have the chewed-nearly-to-bits copy I read to St. Nick 11 years ago. I bet it's the only picture book that uses the word "Promenade." Seriously. I bet.

6 Floor Poy - our word for Floor Toy. What I find unbelievable, however, is the price of these things. $60+ for a mat with dangly toys?!? I found this uber-portable model for $24. It's Rowdy's fave.


7 Fave except for keys. EVERY BABY NEEDS KEYS. Not kidding. It's like as important as milk or something. Really truly not kidding. Keys.

So there you have it! These seven things and you'll be ready for baby.