Wanted: Hydration Station OR Confessions of a Dog Neglecter

At this very moment St. Nick is singing, "I'm a little butterfly." To annoy his sister. Which is working marvelously.

Moments ago, however, Oscar Wild (the dog) was sitting in the kitchen, staring at me. He does this sometimes and it can be unnerving. It usually means something. As in MEANS something. Like FEED ME or I WILL SOON BE PEEING ON THE FLOOR. This time I knew he wasn't hungry (well, he's always hungry) because he'd just been fed, and he'd just come in from going outside.

So I said, "Out!" which is our handy command for: QUIT STARING AT ME YOU FREAKY BEAST!

He stood up, walked two feet. Sat down. Stared.

He stared at me. At his bowl. At me. At his bowl. Smart me suddenly noticed his water dish.

See, Dr. D has been saying for ages that he's the Only One who fills the dog's water dish and I always say, "Bla bla bla whatever." But Dr. D has been out of town for a couple of days. And the dog's water bowl was bone dry. Hmmm.

I guess it's a good thing the boys leave the toilet seat up.

Good old Oscar

Good old Oscar