Button, button. Who Ate the Button?

Picture it: adorable baby girl in adorable little red-checked shirt and matching shorts. Adorable shirt on adorable baby has four equally adorable strawberry buttons:

Imagine it: put adorably dressed, four-button baby down for her nap.

After nap: adorable baby has only THREE buttons.

I searched the crib. The floor. The changing table. Behind the changing table. The diaper pail. The drawers. The car seat. The highchair. The carpet. The chairs.

The nurse asked how big the button was. Smaller than a dime? Yes. Is she eating/breathing ok? Yes.

It will pass.

She kindly offered an X-Ray, because some mothers worry ...

The button never did "show up" (ahem). So we may never know if Rowdy ate her button, or perhaps the cat ate it. Even the dog. Or no one ate it and it will turn up someday in some random spot - behind the refrigerator, perhaps. Ah, the mysteries of parenthood!