How to Read Your Movies: Kindle, Aldiko and More

I was looking for (free) content for my kindle/eReader and didn't want the typical free stuff - classics and self-published drek full of typos and hackneyed plots and characters. Plus I wanted to research screenwriting, beyond the handful of books I've read in the past year. 

Since reading fiction is the best way to improve in my writing, the same would hold for screenplays, yes? Yup. Add to it, once you get used to the format, which is WoNkY as H@cK to the uninitiated, screenplays are really fun to read.

And heaps of them can be found online in PDF or other formats, totally free. My fave source: Script-o-Rama. Hard on the eyes, yes, but zillions of totally free scripts. And another list, the Black List ...

I now have a bunch of scripts in Aldiko, and have had some fun surprises. Like Bridesmaids was funnier as a screenplay. It was so funny that, though I'd seen the movie already, I rented it again after reading it. Because the read had me in stitches. But just like the first time, it wasn't as funny as I'd hoped. Humor on the page vs. humor on screen ... huh. Who knew they were different?

Next in my TBR pile, folder, whatever: Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Let's see if breathless longing feels the same in text. I hope so.